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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the project?

791 Camarillo Springs Rd, Camarillo, CA 93012

What is this project?       

The proposed development is planned to be a private, gated, community that will be age restricted to people fifty-five (55) years of age and older.  Homes in the community would be single-family detached.  If approved by the City of Camarillo, there would be approximately 250 new homes.

The community would feature a centralized recreation facility directly adjacent to the proposed new Camarillo Springs Golf Course clubhouse and restaurant. An extensive trail and open space network would traverse the community designed for neighbors to meet up with one another for walks and activities which would help nurture the essential social component of the community.   The entire development is planned to be sustainably landscaped in order to complement and enhance the property's existing character. 

In addition to the proposed new senior development, the Camarillo Springs Golf Course plans to be completely redesigned and updated, including the existing clubhouse and café.  A new restaurant and bar would be built to allow for indoor / outdoor dining and relaxing, including a rooftop seating area which would overlook the proposed new outdoor lounge and event space.  Adjacent to the driving range, the plan calls for a new community park and open space is designed to allow the greater Camarillo Springs community to take advantage of a number of outdoor activities, including trail walking, picnicking, and a dog park.

How do I stay informed as the project progresses?

Contact us today to get your name added to our email list. In addition to being given priority for new home purchase if you are interested, you will also be included on our distribution e-mail list and will receive updates on community meetings, public hearings and other information regarding the project.

Is this project approved?

Not yet. And we need your help to get it approved. 

NUWI - Camarillo, LLC, the developer, filed applications for a general plan amendment, a zone change, a residential planned development (RPD) and a tentative tract map with the City of Camarillo. As part of the filing, the City of Camarillo contracted with a third-party environmental consulting firm in order to prepare a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of the proposed development in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The purpose of the EIR is to study all potential impacts of the development and recommend ways to mitigate those impacts so they are acceptable to the community.

The EIR is a public document that requires certification by the City prior to project approval.  To view the draft EIR via the city's website at the following link:

Public hearings to review and certify the EIR and consider the project are expected to begin in summer of 2022.  The public hearings will consist of both Planning Commission and City Council hearings for the general plan amendment, zone change, tentative tract map and EIR certification and Planning Commission hearings for the residential planned development (RPD).  If all goes well during the hearing process, the project could obtain approval in the summer / fall of 2022.


When would construction start?

Should the project obtain approval in summer / fall 2022, there is significant land and infrastructure development that will be required to support home building activities. This means new home construction will most likely not begin until sometime in the later half of 2023.

What is the interest level in this development?

We have received an incredible amount of interest to date from seniors looking to stay in the local area. At the current time, approximately 95% of all people who have asked to be included on our interest list are Camarillo residents. If you would like to be included on the interest list, please visit the "Get Involved” page of this site and we will respond to you quickly to add you to our interest list.

What can I do to help?

Let your voice be heard! As public hearing dates are confirmed, it is crucial for all supporters of the project to show up and communicate your support to the Mayor, City Council members and Planning Commissioners. There are many ways you can do this:

1.    Click here to send a quick email to the City Council. We will submit it on your behalf. 


2.  Send in a letter or e-mail directly to the Council and Planning Commission.   Calling is great, but written correspondence is best as it will be provided to each Council member and Commissioner in their hearing preparation packages, ensuring they personally read your comments prior to the hearing.  You can reach your Councilmembers at and your Planning Commission at  Written correspondence can be mailed to City Hall at 601 Carmen Drive, Camarillo, CA, 93010.

3.           Attend the public hearings via Zoom.  By calling in during the hearing, you will be invited to speak on the record about your support for the project for three minutes during the public comment portion of each hearing.  All public hearings will be held online via Zoom. Please check the following link for dates, times and to download public hearing agenda:

What is the layout of the homes?

The submitted plan includes single-family detached homes on three different lots sizes and would feature single level living with some second level bonus space options available for those who prefer additional room.  Each house plans to have a 2-car garage. There would be approximately 250 new homes.


Please check our “homes” page for more details on the proposed square footage, layouts and design.

What happens to the golf course?

After a prolonged decline over many years, the Camarillo Springs Golf Course is in desperate need of major investment to ensure its continued sustainability.  The only way to generate an investment large enough to bring the course up to a standard to ensure its financial independence, is to repurpose a portion of it for sale.  After considering various proposals, a decision was made to move forward with submitting a plan for a senior residential development since a new community of this nature would best fit in with the surrounding neighborhoods while creating the kind of investment required to rebuild the golf course in order to ensure its long-term viability.

The proposed development will be built over approximately 30 of the total 182 acres of existing golf course property. The remaining golf course property, including the golf course clubhouse, will be completely renovated or rebuilt into a new 12-hole format golf course.

To read more about the existing Camarillo Springs Golf Course, please visit:

How will the proposed development affect traffic, schools, parks, etc.?

Data from the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) Trip Generation Manual highlights the fact that age-restricted senior communities generate far less traffic than conventional residential developments because members of these communities are generally retired and drive during off peak hours.

Residents of age restricted communities generally do not have children living at home (unless they qualify under California Civil Code); therefore, impacts on local schools can be quite minor.

The design of the proposed 30-acre development encompasses a fraction of the 182-acre golf course and includes extensive private open space and recreational amenities. Future residents would most likely use their own private amenities more so than public park facilities.

Have questions about other potential impacts from this proposed development? Please click here to email and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Will the environment and other factors be considered and studied in the planning process?

As required by state law, the City of Camarillo contracted with a third-party environmental consulting firm in order to prepare a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of the proposed development in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The purpose of the EIR is to study all potential impacts of the development and recommend ways to mitigate those impacts so they are acceptable to the community.

The EIR is a public document that requires certification by the City prior to project approval.  The draft of the EIR is available to the public. You can view the draft EIR in person at City Hall or at the City Library or via the city's website at the following link:

After public circulation of the EIR, public hearings to review and certify the EIR and consider the project are expected to begin in summer  / fall of 2022.

How will the proposed development fit in with the existing surrounding neighborhoods?

The proposed development is located on the northwest portion of the Camarillo Springs Golf Course.  Residents of the Country Club Village (CCV) community live to the south of the proposed development.  West of the development is Conejo Creek, north is farmland and the 101 freeway and to the east is the driving range, golf course clubhouse and additional residential communities beyond that. The community would be private and gated with two access points, one located off of the existing driveway south of the golf course parking lot, and the other located off of Ridge View Street.

In order to maximize the buffer between the existing and proposed communities, as we know this is very important for the existing neighbors, the proposed housing is set back away from the property line by a minimum of 250 feet along the entire southern edge of the development.  Additionally, expansion of the existing pond between the two communities and the addition of a trail and landscape screening will help improve the visual aesthetic while enhancing privacy.

Larger, single family detached, housing is planned for this section of the development with the majority of the homes being single story. These homes plan to be set slightly higher than the existing housing to the south and screened by extensive landscaping.

The remainder of the proposed development plans to include a newly rebuilt 12-hole golf course, completely renovated golf course clubhouse, which will include a new restaurant and bar with rooftop seating, and a community park with an extensive trail network and a dog park.

Is pricing available?

As a reminder, this plan is still conceptual and is not yet approved by Camarillo City Council. New home pricing is highly dependent on market conditions at the time of sale.  With the wide range of housing sizes and types planned for this community, there would also be a broad range of pricing available if the current plan is approved.

Where can we see a similar type of community to the proposed development?

Belcaro in Santa Clarita, Gavilan in Rancho Mission Viejo and The Gallery in Talega are similar in size, housing types, amenity mix and overall design philosophy; however, the nearest community similar to The Greens at Camarillo Springs is The Grove by Shea Homes located on a portion of the St. John’s Seminary property.  Models for The Grove should be available for viewing sometime in spring / summer 2020.  The same architect who designed the homes at The Grove has also designing the proposed homes for The Greens at Camarillo Springs. 

What does it mean to be age-restricted and do I qualify? 

Please click here to learn more

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO ENSURE APPROVAL OF THIS PROJECT! Nothing is more powerful to your elected representatives than seeing and hearing from large numbers of people who not only support the project, but who are excited to eventually call this community home! Please click here to get involved and help. 

How can you help
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